Let TiVo Genie work some magic!

We have been busy finding a Genie who can help you schedule your favourite TV shows online or by mobile. Just click the lamp and let the magic begin.

TiVo Genie online lets you talk to your TiVo media device anywhere in the world where you have access to the web via a computer or your mobile!

Login online to TiVo Genie to find an easy-to-navigate grid guide displaying the day’s line-up. Your guide will automatically load to primetime to help you get what you want, fast. For your convenience, TiVo Genie loads with the first few hours of the next day so those late-night shows don’t require you to load the next day’s schedule. Navigate the grid with seamless click-and-drag action along the timeline. If you want details about a particular show just let you mouse rest on the show and – presto! – show info will be displayed. If you want all available details about the show, just click and the one-click recording menu will display, giving simple one-time or Season Pass® recording options. You can also check out in-depth info about the show, the plot, the cast and look for future episodes screening in the next seven days.

For more information about Genie Online visit How To: Genie Online.

Don’t have access to a computer but you have a browser-capable mobile device? Connect to TiVo Genie Mobile for quick one-click recording and you’ll never be caught out. All the main functionality of the full TiVo Genie, but sleek and quick-loading for on-the-go mobile use.

For more information about Genie mobile visit How To: Genie Mobile.