Get around Quickflix like a pro!


Content Download Speeds

Most users should be able to watch their movie or television programme as it downloads. If you’re experiencing frequent pauses during download or can’t even begin watching it, it is likely due to your broadband speed. We recommend an ADSL2 or higher connection for uninterrupted Quickflix downloads.

Download May Not Start Right Away

Go to TiVo Central > Find Programs > To Do List and see if your download is queued up to transfer. Not there? Go into View Recording History and check out what the hold up is. Still not seeing it? Wait a few minutes longer, if you are still experiencing issues, please contact Quickflix Member Care on 1300 138 644.


All Quickflix downloads are under Digital Rights Management protection, so expiration dates are applied to the content. During your Quickflix transaction, the Confirmation and Thank You screens both inform you of how long your content will be available to view. Look up the Program Information screen of your content from the Now Playing List to get an exact time and date of expiration. DRM protection also prevents your Quickflix downloads from transferring off your TiVo device.

TiVo® KidZone Control

Parents rest at ease! Your Quickflix content can be controlled by your KidZone or Parental Control settings. Turn on your chosen child protection service and set the ratings to limit your children’s access to Quickflix downloads.

Flip Through the Catalogue

Visit Quickflix.com.au and see all content available for download from Quickflix. The online catalogue is updated in real-time as content is added or removed from Quickflix, so it’s always as up-to-date as possible.

Expiration Date

Don’t remember when you downloaded a particular programme? Take a look at the Programme Information screen by pressing SELECT on the content in your Now Playing List. This page gives you an exact time and date when the content will be deleted. Remember, the expiration time and date change once you’ve begun watching it for the first time.

Watch your Meter

Quickflix downloads are metered, so we strongly suggest you keep an eye on your download usage so that you don't exceed your personal bandwidth. Please contact your Internet Service Provider for more information on what your limit is and how to track your usage.

Quickflix is a third party service. For more information see www.quickflix.com.au.