TiVo media device FAQ

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How do I ensure I have the latest software?

Your TiVo® automatically calls in during the night to pull down Electronic Programme Guide data and check for software updates. If new software is ready for your TiVo, it will download and install overnight so your recordings and TV viewing can remain uninterrupted.

Up to seven days of guide data! How do I start finding shows to record?

You can browse your Electronic Programme Guide by pressing the GUIDE button on your remote, then use the FF and RW buttons to move forward and backward by 1.5 hours. Use the INSTANT REPLAY and SKIP buttons to move 24 hours at a time. You can also go into Find Programmes and use the Search by Title feature to search through an alphabetical list of all programming in the EPG.

How do I set up a Season Pass® recording?

Whenever you setup a recording you’re given the option to either Record this Showing or Season Pass & Other Options. If you opt for Season Pass, you can immediately set up a repeat recording, configuring how many episodes are kept, the type of episode recorded, and how long episodes stay on your TiVo. To manage your Season Pass settings, go to Find Programs > Season Pass Manager.

How do I set up a WishList™ search?

Go to TiVo Central > Find Programs and select WishList Search. Then choose 'Create a WishList' and setup your WishList with your specific search items. Once finished, you can 'View upcoming programmes' so you can see what’s on its way and set up individual recordings. Or choose to Auto-record WishList programmes so that they’ll always be in your Now Playing List when you need them.

How do I train my TiVo Suggestions?

TiVo Suggestions keeps your TiVo working for you! With every Season Pass or single recording you set up, the show gets one thumb up. Through this basic set of ratings, TiVo Suggestions will begin recording programmes it thinks are to your taste – but only when it has nothing better to do. To train your TiVo Suggestions, use the THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN buttons to rate programmes as you go, from the Guide or while you’re watching them. You can also go to Find Programs > TiVo Suggestions and see all upcoming Suggestions, press ENTER to review your thumbs.

Two tuners you say... how do I switch between them?

Indeed! Your TiVo comes equipped with dual tuners so you can watch one programme while recording another. Press the LIVE TV button on your remote to switch between the two tuners. You can even use the Channel Banner to see what’s playing on the other tuner before you switch – while watching live TV, just press the RIGHT directional arrow and scroll down one item in the banner.