First Time Setup

NOW you’re ready to explore the world of TiVo and see how much more your TiVo media device offers you than a regular DVR. As you are about to find out, TiVo means more than television; the TiVo Service is keeping you connected to entertainment, information and our great product and services line-up, 24/7!

Your first TiVo service connection!
24 hours after you have activated and completed guided set up, your media device will call home to download some new software and your EPG data. We are continuously upgrading and improving the TiVo experience with you in mind. Your very first service call will bring you the most recent version of the TiVo software, ensuring that your media device is up to speed and ready for anything!

Now lets get started – what does your TiVo Service give you?
The stylish and easy to use TiVo media device connects to your current TV and makes you instantly digital-ready AND high definition-ready. You have access to free-to-air channels and some great TV control functions including pause, rewind, and record live TV and every parent’s favourite: TiVo KidZone.

Premium TiVo features!
More importantly, what’s special about your TiVo media device is that you get access to the following features at no extra cost - they're all part of the TiVo service!

If you would like more detail about any of these great functions check out the TiVo Viewer's Guide online or have a read through some of the great articles we have for you at Support Articles.

We have also put together some information on Getting Started with your TiVo Service below. There are also some great Tips & Tricks for you to go through to learn how better to control your TiVo media device and pointers on some great short cuts to make your life easier.