Key Features

So many features for one little box

TiVo Genie

Be in control of your TiVo from anywhere in the world with our new hi-tech remote scheduling feature: TiVo Genie.

  • Login from My TiVo and schedule from the available 7-Day EPG
  • Easy one-click recording and Season Pass® setup
  • Use TiVo Genie on your Internet-enabled mobiles, visit
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7-Day Guide
7-Day Guide

Record up to a week in advance for most channels on free-to-air* with our 7-Day Electronic Program Guide.

  • Just press the GUIDE button on your TiVo Remote to bring up the EPG on screen
  • Navigate with the FFWD and RWD buttons
  • Use the ADVANCE or INSTANT REPLAY buttons to jump by 24 hours
  • Press ENTER to change your Guide view or setup filtering
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TiVo KidZone

Let the kids take control of the remote, without the worry of inappropriate content coming on.

  • TiVo® KidZone lets parents tailor TiVo to their liking
  • Set limits on channels, ratings, and recorded programming
  • Turn the remote over to your kids: they're in KidZone!
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Season Pass®
Season Pass

The Season Pass® feature lets you setup specific programmes to automatically record, so you'll never miss an episode.

  • Your TiVo media device will record your Season Pass program anytime it shows on the channel
  • Your Season Pass setting will record even if the timeslot changes
  • Manage your Season Pass priorities with the Season Pass Manager
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Sometimes you need more than just a Season Pass: the TiVo WishList™ feature allows you to setup recordings based on a keyword, actor, director, or genre.

  • Build a WishList search and TiVo will flag programmes that fit your criteria
  • Set your WishList search to auto-record, then you can rest easy that you're not missing out
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Quickflix is now available on TiVo.
  • Connect to Quickflix today to enjoy unlimited viewing of blockbuster favourites, all-time classics and hit shows from HBO and the BBC for only $14.99 a month. Or pay as you go with the latest hit new releases for only $5.99 each!
  • Try Quickflix today and enjoy 2months of FREE movies & hit TV shows.
  • There are no lock-in contracts.
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Quickflix is a third party service. For more information see