How to use your TiVo media device

Quick Reference Guide to getting started

Welcome to the world of TiVo®, get ready for entertainment and services like you’ve never experienced! Here are some directions for basic setup and use for you, our proud new members of the TiVo family.

All Systems Go

First things first: visit Activate Product and activate your new TiVo media device to get the TiVo Service running for your account. Once you finish the activation process, visit your Dashboard to get to know your new home base for everything TiVo!

Out of the Box

Connect your TiVo with the easy-to-follow illustrated directions included in the box. Stumped? No problem! Check out the Support Centre for in-depth directions with detail – and friendly support staff at the ready, should you need them.

Get Connected

When setting up your TiVo make sure your Broadband connection is ready to take on the TiVo setup. If you are connecting wirelessly with your TiVo wireless adaptor, make sure you have your wireless password at the ready. If you're connecting via Ethernet, ensure that the Ethernet cord is long enough to reach your television. Run into trouble? For the nitty-gritty on firewalls, networking, and general Broadband difficulties, visit the Support Centre.

Get Going

Now that you’re connected, follow the TiVo Guided Setup to get your TiVo on its way! Be sure to select Australia when you begin. Once Guided Setup is complete, your TiVo is ready to use; check out the helpful tutorial videos that come pre-loaded in the Now Playing List for a quick run through of how to use basic TiVo features.

Up-to-Minute Technology

Once you’ve finished Guided Setup, your TiVo is ready for use! Start getting to know your TiVo using our award-winning remote. While you're fast asleep overnight your TiVo will call in to get the latest software, so 24 hours from setup your TiVo will be running at its peak performance. Any future updates will be made during your media device's nightly call home, so you'll never have to waste a moment waiting for software to install.

Start Recording Today

Your TiVo loads the first few days of Electronic Programme Guide data during Guided Setup. Press the GUIDE button on your TiVo Remote to bring up the EPG. Not your style? Press ENTER on your Remote to select your preferred Guide Style. Browse the available EPG and press the RECORD button whenever you find a programme you'd like to add to your Now Playing List. Within 24 hours your TiVo will have On-Screen Guide available for you with up to seven days of programme listings for most free-to-air channels!

Build Your Base

Setup some Season Pass® and WishList™ searches right from the get go, so your TiVo can begin auto-recording your favourites while you’re out! Browse the Guide or use Find Programs to set up Season Pass recordings with ease! Go to TiVo Central > Find Programs > WishList Search to have TiVo search out your favourite, genres, actors, or keywords – set your WishList to auto-record to get your TiVo working for you around the clock!

Train Your TiVo

As you browse through the EPG or Search by Title listings, use the THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN buttons on your TiVo Remote to let TiVo know which shows you prefer. TiVo Suggestions will begin recording shows when it has nothing else to do, based on your preferences.

More Than the Basics

As a TiVo owner you have access to a whole range of broadband features on your TiVo media device! Explore the games and services found under the Music, Photos & More menu item. Check out Quickflix for the latest blockbuster movies and hit TV shows available direct to your TiVo!


Quickflix is a third party service. For more information see