TiVo media device Tips & Tricks

Be in the know with TiVo

Here are some great short-cuts and tips to help you navigate your TiVo and make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

View Electronic Programme Guide while watching a TiVo® recording

While watching one of your TiVo recordings from the Now Playing List, you can press the GUIDE button on your remote at any time to bring up the Electronic Programme Guide.

Organise your Now Playing List with a button

While you are in your Now Playing List you can use the numerical pad to:

  1. Press the number 1 to switch the Now Playing list order between alphabetic and date.
  2. Press the number 2 button to toggle groups on and off.

Save time: delete by group

Delete entire groups of recordings with the click of a button.

Turn groups on in your Now Playing List, highlight the folder you wish to delete, then press CLEAR on your remote to remove the whole folder and its contents.

Watch recordings by folder

Ready for a marathon session of your favourite show? Turn on groups in your Now Playing List then highlight a folder and press PLAY. All recordings in the folder will play from oldest to newest.

Extend the start and finish time

No one likes missing the happy ending! Turn extended recording on via:

Messages & Settings > Settings > Recording > Extended Recording.

You can also select Options on the Program Information screen and set up extended recording for individual shows by up to three hours!

Keep the daily news fresh

Early morning news a little too early for you? Use the Season Pass® feature to record the program while you sleep. But nobody likes old news - so set the "Keep At Most" to 1 episode and you'll always only have the latest news in your Now Playing folder.

Navigate the EPG by 24-hour increments

No TV guide, no problem. If you're wondering what's on tomorrow, looking into the future just became easier: while looking at your Program Guide simply press the Skip button on your remote and the guide will move forward by 24 hours.

Only view your favourite channels on the EPG

Tired of flipping past channels you never watch? Create a favourites list instead by going to:

Messages & Settings>Settings>Channels>Channel List

Press THUMBS UP on those channels you want to keep around.

Bring up the Program Guide, press ENTER on your remote and change the Channels option to Favourites.

Three options for viewing the banner

Customise your banner view: while watching television press the RIGHT directional arrow on your remote to bring up the banner. Toggle between three sizes of banners by pressing the RIGHT directional arrow again and again while the banner is displayed.

Numerical pad shortcuts on your TiVo remote

Did you know your remote has hidden shortcuts? From TiVo Central use the numerical pad to jump to commonly used features:

  1. Season Pass® Manager
  2. To Do List
  3. WishList™
  4. Search By Title
  5. Browse By Channel
  6. Browse By Time
  7. Set Up Manual Recording
  8. TiVo Suggestions
  9. Showcases

Get your priorities straight

Let TiVo know which shows are nearest and dearest to your heart with the Season Pass Manager. If you have lots of Season Pass recordings scheduled, make sure TiVo knows which programs you want to take priority should a conflict occur. From Find Programs go to Season Pass Manager, then simply highlight the right-hand arrow next to the Season Pass you want to move up or down the list. The closer to the top of the list a Season Pass is, the higher a priority it holds. To check out the effect your changes have had on your recording line up, take a peek at your To Do List.

How to delete recordings on your TiVo

A tidy TiVo means more room for recordings. Luckily for you, TiVo is very good at cleaning up after itself – automatically deleting shows for you when things get busy. But that doesn't mean you can't do your own clean sweep every now and then. It's the best way to clear some space and take advantage of TiVo Suggestions. To delete recordings, go to the Now Playing List and select the title or folder you wish to delete by pressing CLEAR on your remote. Accidently deleted something you wanted to keep? Don't worry – you can recover it from the Recently Deleted folder on the Now Playing List.

Instant Replay button

See every moment of the action, again and again! Was that a line? What just happened? Press INSTANT REPLAY on your remote to jump back 8 seconds and catch that move again! Kick it up a notch by watching the playback in slow motion: simply press INSTANT REPLAY and then SLOW.

Set up a manual record

Just because it's not in the Electronic Program Guide yet doesn't mean you can't set a recording. Ensure you don't miss your favourite shows by setting up a Manual Recording today! From Find Programs, select Set Up a Manual Recording, then simply enter in the date, time, and channel – since it's a live event, remember to add a little extra time just in case. Now you can sit back and let the shows come to you!

Get your Now Playing List Sorted!

Finding the program you want among an abundance of recordings in your Now Playing List can sometimes be tricky. So why not sort your recordings alphabetically or by date? With a few simple steps, you can get your program listings under control.

Search by Title

To view a list of all programs available in the Electronic Program Guide, just select "A" then move the cursor over the list at the right. From here you have an alphabetical list of every program showing in the current 7-day electronic program guide. To cut your list to just those items you're interested in, apply a filter, such as "Movies" or "Comedy".

Record shows that are not in your EPG

Are you looking for a particular show that's coming up in the next few weeks? Just because it's not in the Electronic Program Guide yet doesn't mean you can't set a recording, you can do this by setting up a Manual Recording. From Find Programs, select Set Up a Manual Recording, then simply enter in the date, time, and channel.

Another way to record coming up shows that's not in the EPG is to create a WishList then set to auto record the show.

TiVo Genie : Sort by category

To sort your TiVo Genie TV Guide by category, simply login to TiVo Genie and click “Categories” at the top right. Tick as many categories as you wish to highlight programs that fall into that category. Helpful hint: Tick fewer categories to get the clearest information. Some programs fall under multiple categories, but the last category you ticked will always take precedence, so ticking one at a time will illuminate those shows easily.

TiVo Genie : Quick Search

To use the TiVo Genie Quick Search feature, login to TiVo Genie and start typing the keyword searchbar found at the upper right of the TV Guide. Type in at least three letters of the show, director, or actor you are looking for and a helpful drop down menu will give you the most popular choices for your criteria.

TiVo Genie : A La Carte

Everyone has that old favourite TV show, the one you’ve seen almost every episode for? With the TiVo Genie A La Carte feature you can now skip the Season Pass and only record those episodes you really want to see.