CASPA On-Demand

Your life, your choice, your movies now!

You’ve got front row seats to see new releases and your favourite classics from the comfort of your couch. No trip through cross-town traffic, no late fees, just you, friends, family and TiVo – and maybe a little popcorn too!

Choose movies at the touch of a button and start watching them as they download. We’ve even got some of your old favourites available at great prices! With our download library constantly being updated with new content, you’ll never get bored. There’s something for everyone, so sit back, relax, and let us bring the show to you!

Now you can view our entire library right from your computer, so when you come home tonight you’ll know exactly where to find what you want. Our available online library is updated in real-time as the CASPA On-Demand application receives new content – so you’ve got constant access to fresh content when you want it.

Movie pricing varies and will be displayed on screen as you browse through our CASPA On-Demand catalogue of titles on your TiVo media device.


  • CASPA On-Demand is a rental service. So once you have downloaded a movie you will have a set number of days to start watching it. And once you start watching it, you have a set time to watch it as many times as you like. Details of specific expiration times and dates can be found on the CASPA On-Demand download confirmation page as well as the programme information screen in your Now Playing List.
  • Before you start downloading CASPA content, see our helpful Guide to Downloads, and visit our unmetered ISP partners to find out how you can enjoy the luxury of unlimited CASPA downloads to your TiVo media device with no effect on your monthly broadband cap.