CASPA On-Demand

Music entertainment on-demand

With CASPA™ On-Demand, you get access to music videos and concerts from some of the hottest bands and artists around! Your big screen, big speakers, TiVo® media device and the CASPA On-Demand service all add up to a great music experience!

Content pricing varies and will be displayed on screen as you browse through our catalogue of titles. Data charges may also apply.


  1. This is a rental service. So you will have a set period of time after selection to start watching content, and a set time to watch it once you have started watching it.
  2. You will have 7 days to start watching the music content, once you have started watching it you will have 48 hours to watch it as often as you like before it will be deleted.
  3. Before you start downloading CASPA content, see our helpful Guide to Downloads, and visit our unmetered ISP partners to find out how you can enjoy the luxury of unlimited CASPA downloads to your TiVo media device with no effect on your monthly broadband cap.