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Put your mind to the test - try and clear the board of as many marbles as you can!...

From TiVo Central, select "Music, Photos, & Showcases", then scroll to Samegame. This will start the Samegame menu screen; to begin right away, select "Play".

The game starts with a board of 104 marbles in four colours: red, green, yellow, and blue. Your goal is to clear the board of as many marbles as you can in as few moves as possible.

To remove marbles, at least two of the same colour must be touching, anywhere on the board. Highlight one of the groups of marbles you want to remove, and press "Select". The marble group will blink to show you the marbles that will be removed. If this is indeed what you want to happen, press "Select" one more time and the group will be removed.

As you remove the marbles in groups of two or larger, the marbles resting above slide down to fill the empty space. If you clear entire columns, all the marbles slide to the left to fill the available space.

Earn more points by removing as many marbles at a time as possible. Test your skill and try to get the whole board clear! Or challenge your family and friends: Samegame keeps a running High Score board to keep things competitive.